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My computer has just developed a problem where the video goes black right after the Windows GUI screen ends on a regular boot-up of Windows 7. It was having an intermittent hang-up before all of this that would erase itself by just re-booting. My computer uses a GigaByte EP45-UD3LR motherboard with a GigaByte GeForce 8400-GS graphics card. The computer starts in safe mode with networking (with some delay) and video shows up. I have removed and reloaded the NVIDIA software several times and tried to load a lower generation driver (331.58) without success in obtaining a regular Windows boot-up. The best success that I've had in resolving this problem has come from a complete removal of all of the NVIDIA software but it was temporary since the NVIDIA somehow reloads itself. I've spent the last two days trying to trouble shoot the problem and haven't gotten anywhere close to a resolution. Other than completely erasing the C: drive and starting from zero, is there anything else that I can do?
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    This sounds hardware related since it has progressively gotten worse. I don't think reinstalling Windows 7 is going to fix it. Is the fan spinning on the card? Can you drop this card in another pc to test it? Try uninstalling the driver and using driver sweeper in safe mode to completely remove old driver then install new driver.
    .edit:added link to sweeper
  2. When did u started to have this problem?
  3. My whole problem started about three days ago in earnest. Up until three days ago, it was an intermittent probelm that was solved by a simple reboot. The main question I have: Would the graphics card display in Windows Safe Mode if it was bad? I ran dxdiag.exe and it did not indicate that the video card was bad. That is why I eliminated the hardware and was concentrating on software issues (i.e. drivers and Windows start-up corruption). I removed all of the NVIDIA drviers and related software, and the computer did boot up regularly in Windows but it somehow reloaded the NVIDIA stuff and proceded to fail again. Since that try, I tried reloading the NVIDIA drivers and that failed also. Now I'm thinking that it is a start-up problem with Windows 7 since this all started with a recent update of Windows Security/Defender. Before I go buying another graphics card, I want to make sure that I've eliminated any software issues.
  4. try to restore windows....before Win update
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