How do tell if one hard drive is faster than another?

So I'm looking to buy a hard drive for a new build but I am MUCH more knowledgeable of PC related components now. For that reason, I would like to learn more about HDD's before I buy them.
So, how do I tell if one (7200rpm) drive is faster than another (7200rpm) drive?
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  1. Your next largest indicator would usually be cache, although most 7200 RPM drives these days are equipped with 32-64 MB so that may not be particularly helpful.

    I usually hunt down the drives on PassMark and do a comparison there. The benchmarks aren't perfect, so do take them with a grain of salt, but they can be useful in determining which hard drive to purchase if you're after performance, especially if there's an unexpectedly large gap between two competing drives.
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    Number of platters is often a good indicator. The fewer the platters, the faster the drive. After that, you will just have to do your research and check out reviews and benchmarks. Quite frankly, I don't think you'll find a faster platter drive out there right now than the 2 & 3TB Seagates with the 1TV platters. Mine will peak over 200mb/s ams sustain single file transfers between 145-160MB/s.
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