Will Upgrading from win7 home premium to Ultimate fix my problem?

Hi, I'm in the process of fixing a laptop (A HP), and I'm getting a few problems, one is mscorejit.dll is missing or corrupt when I try to open any HP programs the second problem is I can't connect to any wireless networks because I cant access the menu to select one, because I can't get it to show up on the taskbar mini menu ( no icon shows up) and I can't open Windows Mobility center because I get a error saying mblctr.exe bad image the file is either not designed to run on windows or it contains errors. I have already tried SFC scan and windows was unable to fix the corrupt dll's and other corrupt programs. I have a windows 7 ultimate CD for Dell and HP Laptops and the OS loaded on the Laptop at the moment is Home Premium.

So my question is "Can I Fix these corrupt file by running a windows repair from this Win7 Ultimate CD or If I upgrade to Ultimate will these files be corrected by the upgrade.

I don't want to lose my files or wipe out my computer so at the moment these are my two options. Thanks in advance.
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  1. I don' believe that an upgrade will guarantee a fix.
    You need to repair the existing install. Using the original media, a recovery partition, or a creating a recovery disk may help.
    You may be forced in the end (worst case scenario) to reinstall the OS.

    The first thing that needs to be done is to back up any valued documents and files in case the problem gets any worse.
  2. We'll I guess my 2nd question would be, if by upgrading (which ive been wanting to do for some time now) will my installed programs and files still be there after the upgrade or will it be all erased?
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    It depends (it is complicated).
    Upgrading to a more complete version, for example from home premium to ultimate, will preserve your programs.
    Upgrading one version to the very next version will often preserver your apps, for example Win 7 to Win 8. But skipping a version or more, for example Vista to Win 8 will not preserver anything.
    And Upgrading from a 32 bit OS (any version) to a 64 bit OS (any version) will require a clean install (loose everything)
  4. If you upgrade from Home Premium to ultimate (which I too want to do...), you shouldn't loose your files.
    BUT if you change from 32 bit to 64 bit or vice versa, you will lose your files.
    (i assume you know what 32/64 bit windows is)
    If the files don't correct, you may have to back your data up and do a fresh install of the os.

    Hope this makes sense
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