Samsung 830 SSD space issues

I recently got a 64GB 830 SSD and used EaseUS Backup to clone my OS to the SSD
I backed up my data and restored Windows to factory to reduce space.
After I cloned it over and set to boot from SSD now when I go into Computer it shows my SSD as 8.5GB free of 39GB even though it's a 64GB drive, any clue as to why?
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  1. It may be over provisioned. Bring up a run prompt [⌘Win+R] and type in diskmgmt.msc, then hit enter. This will bring you to Disk Management. Since your SSD is being used for your OS, it will likely be Disk 0. It should have the C: partition on it. See if there are any other larger partitions or unallocated space. If you see any small partitions (~100-300 MB) do not touch them.
  2. Okay I found the issue but I'm not sure how to fix it. Disk Management shows C: as 39Gb then system reserved as 4.2Gb and then 16.4Gb as recovery partition.
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    The recovery partition can be used to restore your computer to its factory defaults. The recovery partition would allow you to reinstall Windows as well as any other software that was bundled with the system. It is safe to remove, although if you ever needed to reinstall you would need to do so with an OS disk or bootable flash drive.

    If you're comfortable with removing it you can simply right-click on the partition in Disk Management and choose the option to Delete Volume. After doing this, you could then right-click on your C: partition and choose to extend the volume.
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