3-pin Power LED on motherboard; 2-pin Power LED on case

My computer case has a two pin Power LED connector, but my motherboard have a three pin (1 and 3 positions with the middle empty). Do I need an adaptor or something?

Before someone ask why I care about something as mundane as this, I will explain: without the Power LED, I CANNOT tell if the computer is turn off or is on standby.
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  1. Some motherboard have a 3 pin and a 2 pin adapters, but also a lot of cases come with the Power LED split already so you can plug it in how you want it. But yes if I use to swap out like a 4 port plastic piece for internal speaker from a 2 pin Power LED to make it fit and work on a 3 Pin Power LED.

    And yes I think we all like to see that light lol
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    I would go see if a local computer store has a cable for you.

    It is normally the other way, you have a 3 pin and need a 2. in those cases you can just move the wire over without much problem.

    If you happen to have an old cd drive audio cable, you can use that to "make" a 3 pin cable.

    If you look at the plugs you will see a small tab you can lift and remove the plug and move it to whatever location you want. So if you have ANY old case or audio cable from a cd/dvd drive you can steal the end cut it down to 3 position and make a new power led plug on the existing cable.

    Another image to show what it looks like when you remove the plugs so you can place them in a new connector.
  3. ^^^ That Exactly what i use to do XD
  4. I even do that for fan cables in a pinch.
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