Confusing PSU Problems

I recently was playing Ac4 on my rig and the PSU broke. By broke i mean it burned up. It was most likely over voltage it. I have a new power supply but when i play games it lets me play for 1 to 2 minutes then the computer shuts down. It doesn't completely shuts down it just restarts. I have know idea what is going on.I have tried different circuits in my home. I changed out the PSU and it still isn't running games.
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  1. as opposed to figuratively shutting down on you?
  2. We might need to know more. Are you on a UPs or a power strip? Have you changed either out? have you plugged it into another circuit in your house to see if the problem is with the circuit? Did you use any modular power cables from your old power supply with the new one?
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    List your complete system configuration. Specify the brand and model of each component especially the power supply unit and graphics card.
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