Two hard drives fail in the EXACT same way within 1 hour of Use

Hello guys, having a bit of a problem here that is driving me nuts.

I just recently finished a new build; SSD for OS, two WD blacks for media/general storage. Everything went fine and smooth, okay, no problems...

This weekend I was hoping on transferring the files from my old computer to my new one, and I figured what better way than to just plug in the old drive (WD Blue) like any other hard drive and then just drag and drop.

That worked fine. I started out by transferring some pictures which was about 3-4GB, it transferred nice and fast and then I was ready to start transferring over something a bit bigger, about 600GB of audio files.

So I get that going and it's going smooth like before, about an hour passes and it's just about to be done when an error window pops up. It says that one of the file's can't be transferred for whatever reason (wish I had screenshotted this). I press to skip that file, and the green progress bar turns completely red and another error pops up. This one stating that it could not find the correct location of the file, more or less. Windows get's a bit laggy and then it comes back, and I go to My Computer and I see that the drive disappeared...

Then I start hearing a clicking sound, nonstop constant clicking. Almost like if the drive was struggling or something. I rebooted my system and there it was. A S.M.A.R.T. error. I unplugged SATA and power cables, tried different ports, everything. Eventually it would even boot without showing the error, but the drive was still nowhere to be found.

I figured I had just gotten unlucky and luckily I still had another drive that I could use in the meantime while I got the dead one replaced.

I go through the same process, started transferring something a bit small, about 100GB worth. And the same damn thing happened. In the exact same way. It goes through the transfer, this time it stopped mid-way and gave the same two errors, and the clicking started again.

I'm pretty frustrated with this, surely both drives couldn't be faulty. I'm convinced I might have done something wrong. Sorry for writing an essay, I just wanted to be as thorough as possible. At the time of typing this, I just attempted to reboot the system to see what happened, rather than both drives getting SMART errors this time, only one of them appeared with an error, but none appear at all in Windows itself...

Being very hopeful that there is a way to fix this. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Got a bit more info on the actual noise it's making. It's like a rhythmic clicking noise with a little pause, then it starts up again.
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    You might have gotten the short end of the stick here. It's entirely possible that you got two drives from the same manufacturing batch that happens to contain a faulty motor/read head assembly/ some other mechanical problem. I'd recommend you get the drives replaced ASAP, because when you get start getting that continuous clicking, it's pretty much game over for that drive.
  2. That's what I figured.. ugh. Hopefully these can get replaced quick. Thanks bud.
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