Possible to re-flash BIOS on bricked GTX 770?

I have a brand new GeForce GTX 770, and I put in the disc that came with it, it installed the ASUS GPU tweak utility, and informed me that there was an update available for the graphics card bios. I went ahead and performed it, since this is the official disc that came with my GPU. Long story short, it froze during the update and now I have a bricked GPU. I'm reading that there are ways to re-flash your video card bios, and right now I have the system running on the integrated GPU.

But I have no idea where to find the official Asus nvidia GTX 770 bios files that would work with NVflash or other utilities. I'm just hoping to fix the card without having to RMA it to Newegg if at all possible. Any suggestions on fixing this, or am I out of luck?
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    Does the system see the card if you are running on the integrated GPU?
  2. I actually was able to fix it booting with the integrated card and then running NVflash from windows using bios that I found online. Now my card is up and running!
  3. Glad you got it sorted.
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