How do i make a dual boot of windows 8 and android 4.3

i am using windows on Lenovo x61... i want to make a dual boot of windows 8 and android on my laptop. i have instal windows and make an other partion.. and then in instal android.. but i dnt know how do i chose the option of android.. can any one please tell me from the biggning ??
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  1. Android and Windows don't mix bro.
  2. R u sure.. i mean.. we can't make a dual boot.. like in separate partition ... ?? can i instal android in any usb ??? http://

    is this information right or wrong ???
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    Just to try get this post some interest. Dear sir you are definitely up the right alley, as i thought it was not possible your one of the lucky few.
    This states that the Lenovo x61 Is actually supported by this project. I cant tell you how stable it is but the duel boot should in all theory go the same way and linux / windows. This being that the android should bring a boot menu and offer you to boot into windows. This is done by something called UNetbootin. However in all theory you should be able to install android off a different partition and make the computer load the boot menu each time. Otherwise youtube dual boot android and windows :)

    So yes you can duel boot android and windows. Lucky.
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