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Okay so i'm going to post al my specs to go ahead and get that out of the way and then il say my issue.

MOBO: SOYO Dragon v2 kt880
OS: Windows 7Ultimate 32-bit
Processor: AMD Athlon XP 3000+ 2.16GHz
Okay and what im trying to do is hook up a SATA HDD to my IDE system. The PC is custom built and its main hardrive is a 250GB IDE and it's secondary is a 120GB IDE. And i'm trying to hook up a SATA 320GB to my system..Everything Iv'e tried so far hasn't worked. And Ive went through the bios and everything. I have even completely un hooked and removed all my IDE HDD and left the SATA drive in and attempted to install Windows on it and it said it coulen't find a HDD. So my question is how do I get all 3 drives working nicely together?
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  1. Put the SATA drive into an external hard drive enclosure, then plug enclosure into a USB port on your PC.
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    VIA VT8237 Integrated Parallel ATA controller
    supporting up to 4x UDMA 33/66/100/133
    Parallel ATA devices.
    VIA VT8237 Integrated Serial ATA controller
    (SATA1/2) supporting up to 2x UDMA 150 hard
    disks in normal or RAID 0,1 mode.
    ALi M5281 Integrated Parallel ATA controller
    (IDE3/4) supporting up to 4x UDMA
    33/66/100/133 Parallel ATA devices. Support
    RAID 0, 1, 0+1 mode.
    ALi M5281 Integrated Serial ATA controller
    (SATA3/4) supporting up to 2x UDMA 150 hard
    disks in normal or RAID 0, 1 mode

    From user Guide there are two SATA controllers.
    You need to know which port on which controller and ensure the port is enabled in the BIOS and whether set for PATA, SATA or RAID or disabled.
    Try this with just SATA hard disk connected

    BIOS must see the SATA hard disk before proceeding to boot from Windows 7 DVD

    best of luck

    Mike Barnes
  3. Thank you all for your answers and i'll try this the first thing tomarrow! And Phillip I currently do not have the hardware to currently put any HDD in a External type enclosure due to money :/

    EDIT: Okay so I see inside the MOBO and since theres two SATA controlers and 4 SATA Mem Slots. Im going to have to guess that 1 & 2 are controlled by the first controller and 3 & 4 are controlled by the second controller. So I remember something that I failed to mention before and I forgot too. Sorry. Anyways when I had all HDD's taken out except the SATA, I had the SATA hooked up into slot 1 and booted my PC without going to the main BIOS..Since my PC has multiple Bios's. Theres the main bios for the whole PC and then two mini bios's as I would call them. Theres the American Mega-trend BIOS(Main) and a ALI Raid bios(Second) and some sort of other which I don't remember the name. Ill have to wait to get to you on that third.But it has something to do with the SATA type. Anyways nothing showed up. So I tried the second slot. Still nothing. But when I put it on the third, Instead of a x.x.x.x.x.x as I would normally get with my IDE drives and my IDE drives with the SATA hooked up on 3 & 4, I got a x.x.x.x.o.x And the third BIOS noticed the SATA drive and put it on 3rd Channel Master. And It won't let me boot from my IDE it'll try to boot from the SATA..Which has vista on it BTW and I want to format it as the CD's are lost and the PC it was in no longer functions. And the same happend on the fourth slot except it put it on Channel 4 Master and said x.x.x.x.x.o...So i'll have to look further into that. Currently no matter what I did it woulden't show up in my main BIOS. I set the PC to RAID and tried it and it still didn't pop up yet it tried to boot from it. And then I set the BIOS to SATA and it wouldn't show up in BIOS either. But when I didn't go to main bios it skipped the second bios and went straight to the third and attempted to boot from the CD and it worked. But it said there are no drives installed...So Please help if you kindly can. Ill do whatever I need to do thats necessary to get this drive working. :) Have a nice night!
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