AM3+ CPU, will my mobo be able to use it?


I am looking to upgrade my cpu from an amd fx4-4100 to an fx8-8320. They are both am3+ chips but the 8320 is not on my motherboard supported list. My mobo is a gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P Rev (5).
So simply can I use that processor.
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  1. That is because your mobo does not support 125w CPUs since fx fx 6350,8320 and 8350 are 125 CPUs, your mobo doesnt support them, your best bet on that mobi is fx 8300 which is really hard to find, so you can go with fx 6300 !!!
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  2. That's a 125 watt processor and your board only seems to be listing support for 95 watt models.
  3. You should not be pairing any 6 or 8 core CPUs with that motherboard. But if you really want to then get the 6300.
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    For the cost of an FX 8300, you might as well consider upgrading to a 125 watt capable motherboard instead, so you could just drop any CPU you wanted into it. The 8300 isn't really a practical solution to anything, except in cases where 8 slower cores would be more beneficial than 6 faster ones. With the 95 watt envelope, there's not much likelihood the 8300 is going to be getting much work done in a boost clock state. I 3rd the suggestions to go with the 6300 CPU.
  5. Ok, anyone recommend a good motherboard for 125w cpu's for under £ 130
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