SATA 3 HDD to SATA 2 Port.Performance

If I plug my seagate ST31000524AS(which is SATA 3) to a sata 2 port(have only two sata 3 ports on my MB) I heard that there will be no performance degrade as the hdd is slow and sata 2 is way faster that what the hdd can perform. Is that true?

Edit:I'll be using it to store data like movies, music etc.
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  1. That is true as your Hard disk has an external data transfer rate of 600 Mbps which is much slower than the SATA 2.0's 3GB/s
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    HDDs can be SATA 3 (6Gb/s) "compatible", not SATA 3 (6Gb/s) "capable".
    No HDD can spin fast enough to achieve 6Gb/s speeds. The ST31000524AS has a 32MB cache buffer that can transfer its contents at 6Gb/s speeds, but that's it.

    The Read/Write speeds for the drive are up to 125MB/s.

    So you can connect the drive to a 3Gb/s port or a 6Gb/s port and you will get the same performance.
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