xfx hd 7790 need cheap psu

please suggest me a good cheap psu for xfx hd 7790 1gb
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  1. corsair cx430 and corsair vs450.
    Which country are you in? Please tell a site you can shop off of, and your budget, and should be no less than $50. Lower than that there will be quality compromise. Lots of it.
  2. i live in india and i use mostly these two sites( and
  3. That's good. Get a cx430. I have the same one from flipkart and it costs 2938. vs450 is also a choice, but it has bad capacitors. Don't EVER go for brands like Zebronics, VIP, and Odyssey.
  4. if i buy vs450
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    it's your discretion, but the cx430 is 80PLUS Bronze certified. It'll have a higher efficiency than the vs450.
    here are the reviews of the 450 and the 430:

    Also, note that the 430 has now 32A instead of 28A on its 12V rail. The review is of the older model.
  6. ok i will go with cx430W thanks for your suggestions
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