FPS drops every game and every setting

I get sudden FPS drops in almost every game and in every setting. Like LoL, neither on very low or very high, i still get the same result, i get sudden and sometimes a few seconds fps drops especially on the scenes that skills are flying everywhere. Or i can give GunZ 2 for instance, i make it low and the same, very high, the same.. Also same on Saint's Row IV and lots of others.

Please help me out my specs are;
AMD Phenom II X6 1055T
8 GB 1600 MHz RAM
Sapphire AMD HD 6850 Toxic
700W PSU that comes inside Tt Element T
AMD 880-GA UD3H Motherboard
5400 Rpm 500 GB Samsung HDD
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  1. anything overheating? check with coretemp/hwmonitor
  2. CPU 72C
    GPU 82C
    Mainboard 46C
    Hard Disk 32C

    Edit: Also I never saw it go that far, I mean the GPU, it hangs in 60-70 usually.
  3. Yes, Maybe upgrade your cooling.
  4. gpu looks hot and could be throttling, i would take it out and clean it off.

    thats also rather hot for the cpu also.

    my friends phenom like yours rarely hits 50 on a stock fan.
  5. What can i do to solve it mauller, thanks charn
  6. Best answer
    best thing for cpu is to replace the thermalpaste and take off the heatsink and give the heatsink and fan a good clean.

    clean off the old thermalpaste with isopropyl alochol or any pure alcohol, the place a rice grain amount of thermalpaste in the centre of the cpu and place the heatsink back onto it squarely then press down and give it a few light twists to help spread the paste and then clamp it without raising the heatsink, if you raise it you will want to clean it and start over for best results.

    dont spread the paste just place a rice grain in middle of cpu die.
  7. mauller where can i find thermal paste?
  8. any decent computer shop should sell thermal paste/compund.
  9. seems like i won't be solving this anytime soon
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