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Ok this is a long one
I hate the new windows 8 operating system, so i decided to install or at least attempt to install windows 7 on my laptop.I already have gone through the bios and disabled secure boot and changed the UEFI settings and the boot mode. Now when i eventually got into the windows seven setup screen i selected which edition i wanted installed which was HomePremium x64 then when i got up to the point where i select a partition I chose my hdd and i got a message i cant remember exactly what it said but it goes something like "windows cannot be installed on the selected GTP partition" I had also formatted the HDD during the setup so now i cant even run the original os. So my question is How do I change the partition settings or Pre-Install windows7 onto my laptop HDD with another computer? Keep in mind i cant access the Win8 os because i deleted it so it has to be within the setup or the BIOS
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  1. Just start the win7 installation. At the point, where you choose the hdd to install to, hit advanced disk options, delete the existing partition and select the raw space to install to. There is no need to create or format a partition! Windows setup will do that for you.
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    Delete every partition from the drive, then create a new one. This will cause it to create a new MBR partition table, overwriting the GPT one that's there already. IIRC you need to hit advanced to do this.

    You can also boot from the 7 disc in UEFI mode and install 7 as UEFI/GPU
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