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Pc got delivered a few days ago so I've just been spending time downloading and installing games. I have windows 7 home premium 64bit and Noticed that I have 2 programme file folders, one normal (which I know is for 64bit) and x86 (which is 32bit) now I'm aware that 64 bit is faster than 32bit, In terms of the amount of ram or something that can be used, however all my games have downloaded in the x86 folder, do I need to move them to the normal one (64 bit) to increase performance or?

Ps. I'm a noob so this may be a stupid question ahah
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  1. Some files saved in x86 is because those software is 32bit-based, so they will be saved in x86, and vice versa for 64bit-based software.
    You don't need to move them, even you moved, performance will not increase.
  2. 32bit is no faster than 64, with the exception of software which needs more than ~3GB of RAM.

    Moving it to the 64b folder won't make a difference to it being 32b software, and won't make it any faster.
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