How to Run Recovery Partition in Command Prompt.(when drive C: is completely deleted)

Guys, please help me..

I accidentally deleted my drive C: on my Asus zenbook UX21E laptop. I tried to repair it using
windows 7 CD with the same windows version, but it wont work because C: is literally empty.

Ive checked drive D: which is the recovery partition and it's still there.
Tried to use the recovery key which is F9 but its not working anymore,
maybe because drive C: is already empty. I think Recovery Partition is still good,

Now im looking if there is any way to run the recovery using command prompt.
or If i can still make a recovery disc using the recovery partition. I already save a copy,
but i don't know if it will work if i burn it on DVD. i think i need 2 dvds to make it.

Any techy guys there. please help me. maybe u have idea on how to run it using command prompt. its the easiest way if ever. than copying the recovery partition to a disc.
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    You can use Active Boot from Install it and run the program. Then you can recover your recently formated partition. I don't know if their demo download works for this, but you can try it. You have to save the partition in disk D, and then you can recover the files you lost. I have a working version of this software, and if the demo dosn't work, I'll give you a link to download it.
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