Cascading routers with working WI-FI and Lan Switch

First thank you for the responses I have got in the past. I do have another few questions .

Here is what I got:

1. Cisco E4200 Router V1 ( primary ) Stock firmware

2. ( 2 ) E3000 linksys routers. ( secondary ) Stock Firmware.

Now what I would like to do is Install DD-WRT on the E4200 ( I realize I need to flash the router ) to support a VPN service. Then run cat 6 from the E4200 to a E3000 in a far bedroom to supply a Roku and TV and supply wireless signal to that bedroom.. Then from the Bedroom run cat 6 from the E3000 switch to The 2nd E3000 to also supply wireless and the switch in the 2nd bedroom.

1. I assume the the two E3000 routers would need DCHP turned off and eash be assigned a seperate IP address. correct ?

2. Can the same SSID be assigned to all three routers ?

3, The Cat 6 would run from the the E4200 switch to a Lan Port of the secondary E3000 ? Or would it connect to the Wlan port ?

4. And from the Lan switch port of the E3000 to a Lan (or Wlan ?) port of the 2nd E3000 ?

Would this setup allow the switchs on all three routers to work as well as give me a wi-fi signal at each location ?.

The reason for this this setup in wireless signal cannot pentrate the walls of the house due to being 18" on concrete. I have had to conduit ran to supply Cat 6 to the rooms. But would still like to have a wireless signal. If anyone has another suggestion or this simply won't work please feel free to post. The home is 3000 miles away and I'm tryin to at least get a good idea before I show up with the parts.

Thanks !

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