Fujifilm Finepix Z70 Won't Take Clear Shots!

About a year ago my old camera got stolen, and I was given the camera in the title to me by my parents. It does mostly what I need it to, which is take glorious HD 720p video, but whenever I try to take pictures, the yellow motion warning comes on, and the pictures are ridiculously blurry, I've tried cleaning the entire thing and putting it on a tripod to no avail. Sometimes zooming in will cause it to be less blurry, but I've never taken a picture with it that isn't blurry.

Any help with this?
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    I suggest delving into the settings. That camera can take acceptable pics for a P&S:
  2. I set the image type from normal to fine, it fixed most of the blurriness although I have to hold the camera super still / tripod to get an *eh* picture quality.

    Previous camera was a DSC-H5X, I beleive it was a point and shoot camera also.
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