Is this a good combination for custum built computer?

Theses are the components;

-San Disk 256GB SSD
-Seasonic G series 550-watt power supply
-corsair carbide series 200r atx mid-tower case
-GeForce GTX 770 GPU
-Intel core i7-4770 CPU
-Asus Z87-K motherboard
-Crucial 8bgx2 Ram

Does anyone notice any bottle necking, not enough power, or incompatible products. Recomendations are great! I mostly play minecraft, possible some other games on steam, and I computer coding so alot of compiling code.

Also I am a little over budget so If I need to go back a little some where; where should that be?
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    I will only change the SSD to a samsung 840 pro. I personally favor samsung as their SSD's are the fastest, highest quality SSD's on the market right now, the 840 EVO is also a great choice, but its slightly less performing (only synthetic benchmarks will show the difference) but also cheaper. I would also recommend an i7-4770k to overclock, but if you do overclock a lot, I also recommend a CM Hyper 212 EVO (Budget) or Noctua NH-D14 (Performance) CPU cooler to cool the i7.
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