i get 19 fps on bf3 with evga nvidia gtx 650 1 gb gddr5 gpu :O

hello last week i bought my new gpu evga nvidia gtx 650 1gb gddr5 after installing my least drivers i was running ac black flag i got about 67 fps but when i was running bf3 i got 19 ti 25 fps
can someone help me with the fps in bf3 THX
cpu:Intel xeon 2 proccessor 3.0 ghz
ram: 8 gp of ddr3
gpu: evga nvidia gtx 650 1 gb gddr5
power supply: 750 watt

plz help. and i heard that drivers might be the problem

on my last gpu: asus radeon hd 6670 i got about 30 fps and i know my new card i 10 times better than my asus radeon card

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    A 650(non ti) is only actually 34% faster on average than the 6670(both at stock so a overclocked 6670 may close the gap a bit more). So your hopes for 10x performance are a bit much.

    BF3 can be very demanding. ensure that he game has not adjusted some settings to high. turn off things like AA and turn down af and even shadows to improve performance.
  2. PLSSSSSS HElp? How about no?

    J/k just try to be less whiny.

    Did you check your settings and make sure they are not on ultra w/ max AA and super high res?
    Try installing the beta drivers for the card
  3. i had everything on low and still got some lagg spikes when playing the second mission i have lags when there is much action like cars blowing and when fire is on
    will the beta drivers improve something ?
  4. and can i overclock my gpu will it not like brake or melt
  5. Overclocking is different for all video cards and cpus. You have to take your time and test to ensure each is stable and not getting too hot.
  6. well the not overclocked temperature is about 37 and 40 when playong bf3 i get 46 degrees celcius
  7. what is the max temperature to be sure that its not gonna melt
  8. Nvidia has a MAX spec for 98c, you do not want to pass I would say 75-80c, but this depends on the temperature the card runs at to begin with. My 670 runs at over 80c under demanding games(making 90 the point of it is too much for me) while my 650 ti runs on the 50s I am sure it can get to the 60's because of my poor airflow(70 is about the most I would want on that card).

    I do not overclock video cards like I used to. my 650 ti is on a limit power supply so it will never be overclocked.

    You want as low of a temp as you can get in the end.
  9. THX ALL i got 60 fps on ultra
    the problem was the driver i got old beta driver and bf3 runs ultra 60 fps no problem :)
  10. Glad to hear you got it going. Never would have guessed a driver would have held you back THAT much.
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