Green LED on motherboard, nothing else happens?

I'm a complete newbie at pc building, and i just finished my first build. I turn it on with the power supply switch, and I see a green LED on the motherboard. Nothing else happens, no fans working, no cpu fan working, nothing. Im using a M5A97 LE R2.0 and a NZXT Phantom 410. What do I do?
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  1. Did you turn on the case power switch after turning on the PSU?
  2. animal said:
    Did you turn on the case power switch after turning on the PSU?
    Yes, I did
  3. animal said:
    I think it may be a problem with the standoffs, though they look installed correctly. My mobo is ATX and I put the standoffs in the location where ATX goes. It screwed in fine. I tried with one ram stick, nothing. I'm also not sure if this motherboard has a speaker on it.
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    I was in same position but have problem solved a bit and isolated the issue to one item - case fans. I was getting a flash of LED then nothing on pushing power button. In answer to your 2 specific concern areas: I took ALL panel connections off mobo and started adding them back in one at a time, beginning with just CPU cooler fan as my mobo, 'needs' that connected in order to POST and then go into BIOS. I added other items one at a time until I realized it was my case fans and SYSFAN on mobo that was causing problem. I removed mobo from case and rested it on top of its box to rule out possibility that case shorting via standoffs was part of issue. I have contacted tech support of case manufacturer re fans and mobo manufacturer re SYSFAN link in the hopes that one of them can help me. Next thing to try for me would be PSU manufacturer if neither of the first two are at fault. If you read my post about SYSFAN and Case Fan issues under motherboards forum you will get a detailed description of what I had to try to trouble shoot issue to isolate the SYSFAN being the root of the problem. I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!!! Good luck!
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