sabertooth 990fx 2.0 causing issues with 3dmark 11?

I just bought the asus sabertooth 990fx 2.0 and a second 660 ti last week and popped them in and began to benchmark to see the new and improved performance!

Problem is when i am in windows i have little turquoise and purple dots (artifacts i believe) on the desktop background. When i put my mouse over them they disappear. When i run 3d mark 11 i get crazy amounts of these small artifacts. When i run Valley benchmark i get no artifacts or issues i can see, and same with heaven benchmark.

I checked my video cards by popping them into another cpu and ran 3d mark 11 again, no artifacts. So its not the cards.

I returned the motherboard to see if the pci slots were bad. Now i have no artifacts in windows, however running 3dmark 11 gives me artifacts still, albeit less than the first sabertooth 900fx 2.0

I am stumped on this. Are some mother boards issues with that program?

Also playing bf4 causes my computer to crash way more than my old motherboard (it didn't support sli) even with just one 660 ti the sabertooth is crashing non stop.

BIOS are updated to newest, ram is fine, processor is not currently overclocked for these tests. Video card drivers are newest non beta drivers. Problem happens with single and sli cards
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