PCI simple communications controller has no drivers

I know a lot of have people have asked this question before, however I have not read a clear answer so far. If anyone could help me It would be appreciated.
( I also can't connect to the internet on this PC, but can on others. This is built by myself and is my first build, it all went well until this.)

My specs are:
Intel 4670k
Gigabyte gtx oc 770
Asus z87-k
Seagate 2tb
16gb vengeance ram
550watt semi modular cross air psu.
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  1. There should be a driver disk in the motherboard box. If you can't find it, go to on another computer and download the drivers to a flash drive

    PCI simple communication controller nowadays on an Intel system is code for the "Intel Management Engine"
  2. Also, there should be a similar disk with the video card, or go to
  3. I probably should of mentioned that I have got the disk and have tried to download the drivers multiple times, but unfortunately on e downloaded it still does nothing.
  4. The drivers from the website are distributed as .zip files; you need to unzip them and run the setup.exe file in the folder that comes out.

    What exactly happens when you try to run the drivers off the disk or from the website?
  5. When you run the disk you should get a window with the first tab that says "drivers" under which are listed a bunch of device drivers. Clicking on each one should launch setup.
  6. Thank you for your reply.

    When I run the drivers of the disk it says it has downloaded, but after it still says no driver installed
  7. What happens when you try the files downloaded from the website? Are you sure you selected the drivers matching your version of Windows and unzipped the zip files?
  8. I've not tried the ones from the website, ill try now
  9. I tried from the website aswell, still says that there are no drivers
  10. Which drivers are missing? Have any installed?
  11. Presumably all of them as it says that that there are none installed, even though I have just installed them
  12. Where are you seeing that no drivers are installed? Is this from the device manager?
  13. Yeah,under devices and printers then under the hardware but of the PC
  14. Go to the device manager this way: right-click Computer, click Properties, in the System Properties window the link to Device Manager will appear on the left-hand pane.

    If there are devices uninstalled, most will appear under "Other Devices." If you see your specific network device under "Network Adapters" you're ok. Check also "Display Adapters." You should see the Nvidia 770 listed that way. Under Sound you should see your Realtek listed. IF generic windows drivers ("Standard VGA adapter" or "HD Audio Device" with no specific device naming) you need to install those too.
  15. Under display adapters it says standard VGA graphics adapter, does this mean I've not plugged in my graphics card correctly? Under network adapters is Realtek pcie gbe family control, and yes PCI simple communications controller is under other devices.
  16. Best answer
    The display adapter doesn't come from the mobo, since it's a card. That's a separate disk or a trip to (if it weren't plugged properly you'd probably get no display at all). Your network driver appears to be fine. The PCI simple communications controller is most likely Intel Management Engine interface: look for that in the website and install it.
  17. Ok thanks, I'll try that now
  18. How do I know which one to download
  19. Get the latest version (the one at the top of the list with the highest version number)
  20. What should happen once I've ran and installed it?
  21. You shouldn't see that PCI communications device show up under "other devices" anymore
  22. No I don't, does that mean my internet should work now?
  23. Well this Intel Management driver has nothing to do with the network. Your network driver is installed already (Realtek pcie gbe family controller under Network adapters as you mentioned). If your Ethernet cable is plugged in you should be online
  24. Ok thanks for the help,much appreciated
  25. Ok thanks for the help,much appreciated
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