Opening DVDROM on Dell Inspiron 15

I seriously cannot find out how to open this stupid ass thing. There's no button, and I tried calling Microsoft, but they were no damn help.
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  1. should be a button on the drive right next to the light
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    my computer right click dvd drive and select eject. why call microsoft its not theirs call dell
  3. Bless your heart. I guess you figured it out by now. You did the same thing that I did - bought a laptop with no DVD drive. I bought one for my daughter. It arrived yesterday. We got it registered and updated and a bunch of other things. Then she opened up her new Intuos drawing pad with the installation CD and that is when the trouble started. We fiddled with it for about 10 minutes and I Googled the problem and there were so many people asking the same question. Yours was first. I kept looking and found a few snarky comments about getting what you pay for. But the answer is --- There is no DVD drive on our machines.

    I purchased mine from Amazon and am returning it today and purchasing a different laptop that has a DVD drive and better it also has Windows 7. I didn't read the comments and reviews on Amazon and didn't notice that DVD drive wasn't listed in the specs.

    I originally chose this particular laptop because it got good reviews from Consumer Reports back in December. However, they did not give the specific model number of the one they tested - just Dell Inspiron 15R. It was the only laptop that didn't have the complete model number. Only I didn't know that. When I typed this in Amazon, I clicked the first one that came up and that is how it all started.

    I hope your luck changed and you now have the laptop you want.
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