Graphics card is slow and choppy

Built new pc. Installed drivers from websites, none from the default dvd's I received with mono/gpu etc (newegg video recommended to go on another pc and download to thumb drive so thats what I did). Everything worked fine for a few days.

Out of nowhere my pc experience is slow and choppy. Graphics are fine, but the animations of everything move slow. I thought it was a windows update but I dont think that is the case anymore. Maybe I forgot to hook something up in the mobo? But why would it affect me 3 days after the fact. There was a difference between last night and this morning and the only thing I did differently was install win updates.

My psu is 500w. cpu=AMD fx 8320. win 7 64 bit home. gpu=gigabyte gtx geforce 660.

Im running out of ideas. I know that stupidly I downloaded a program to use my ps3 controller on my pc, which gave me a piece of malware i cannot remove called search protect by conduit. I try to install it but it tells me I need admin privileges even though I am the admin. Could my slow gpu be malware related? I googled conduit nd it just said its annoying ad/spyware, but nothing harmful. When I access task manager and check processes, 15% is being used by a file called gpumonitor.

I guess what I am asking is whats the best way to figure out if your video card is performing properly or not? Then, I need to know if it is working correctly, if I should just reinstall windows, or reinstall drivers from the default dvd's? Am I missing something in this troubleshooting process? Thanks
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    Yes, having malware could slow your computer down a lot. You shouldn't just leave it there, even if it's just "annoying spyware"

    Have you installed graphics drivers? Also, open task manager and make sure that you're running on 8 threads instead of windows only using 1.
  2. Whoops I made a typo. Above I meant to say that I tried to uninstall the search protect by conduit but it wont let me. Says I need to contact the system administrator, however, I have the admin privileges.

    I installed the most recent graphic driver from nvidia from their website. I also have a program that gives me my gpu's stats and settings (but doesnt list performance or temperature of gpu), and it says there are no updates, so I think I am fine when it comes to drivers. I also let windows do their mass update at the beginning of windows installation and I have had updates go automatically. *FYI my video card fan is spinning

    Thats where the weird part is. Ive been playing a game on my pc for 4 days now. Then I shut down one night, and before I shut down, windows installs 2 updates. The next day, my gpu is screwed up. I then attempted several system restores, and when I went back before the update, it worked fine. Then when I got off again last night, the windows update auto installed at shut down and here I am again with the same problem. Only this time, I did so many restores that the one I was using to fix everything is not on my list anymore.

    I still would like to make sure my gpu is running correctly but am not sure how. I want to see the temperature of it etc. I did use windows performance checker on my components. My cpu got a 7.9/7.9, Gpu 7.9, HDD got 5.9. When I was having the choppy graphics, I decided to run a test and my gpu got a 2.0!

    I was thinking that it could possibly be my motherboard as well. The drivers I installed for that were audio, chipset, usb, and lan settings. the newegg video talked about the NIC driver, but it wasnt listed on the mobos site. I kinda assumed that chipset would take care of the NIC drivers (feel free to tear me apart here if I am wrong).

    Also, how can I tell how many threads I am running on as you were asking? Go to task manager and then what? I checked performance there and under system in performance section, it says 805 threads! I also looked at what files were running on and most were over 4 threads (way over like 40-80 or so). Mcafee was the only one that showed 1 thread. I am pretty sure I am not looking at the right stuff.

    Please help my poor soul, I just want my brand new computer to work right, and I am not experienced enough to troubleshoot by myself. I will continue to research online until I figure this out.
  3. So I will answer my own question again lol.

    Heres what was happening, or so I think. Everything is working correctly now and this is my theory.

    I installed driver updates a few days ago for my nvidia video card. Then windows updates installed a couple nights later at shut down. Graphics were choppy the next day. I did some checks and impatiently decided that it was due to the windows update. It was and it wasn't. Since the update had been installed, the quickest way to bypass it was to do a system restore (in my mind anyway) to a couple days ago. This worked, until the update came again. Then I decided to skip the restore and delete the update. This did not work. It would have probably worked if I reinstalled the gpu driver right there, but I didn't.

    Eventually, I let the updates install as they should, then reinstalled my graphics card driver. Even though nvidia said I already had it installed, I did it anyways. I think the windows update kinda reset my settings or corrupted the driver for my gpu or something, but now that I reinstalled the driver, everything is working properly again. Hopefully this is not just a quick fix, but so far so good. I almost reinstalled windows lol. Im not a huge techy so maybe someone can analyze exactly what happened here. But in the end, I just had to reinstall my graphics driver post windows update. Thanks for the help Darksable.
  4. Nope. I installed gpu drivers 100 times, it was due to programs running at start up: AnyProtect and GPU Monitor. Deleted those and havent had a problem in days. AnyProtect apparently creates a regristration point at startup each boot, which is when I had my problems, so yeah, thats what it was.
  5. Im having a similar problem if anyone could help, I jsut got a brand new MSI gaming r9 270, and it wasnt working so I reinstalled the drivers, however windows updated, I got new drivers and im still getting horrible fps in all my games! I dont know why, new graphics card I thought would fix any gaming issues but im still having all my rpoblems.
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