my canon mp3100 series printer won't print web pages since changing my internet provider

When I recently changed internet provider, my canon mp3100 series printer stopped printing. It will print if I connect the printer to my laptop but not wirelessly. However, it won't print anything off the internet - email or web - at all, even if it's connected to the laptop. Can anyone help?
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  1. Did your new provider give you a new router/wifi system as well as a new modem?

    try just going through the network/wifi setup wizard again.
  2. They sent me a new wifi router and I had to update the wireless driver on my laptop to pick it up but once I did the laptop picked up the new wifi. I think my printer obviously needs updating with the new wifi info to work with my laptop wirelessly but I can't remember how to do that and it works fine through the usb lead for now but it doesn't explain why it won't print web pages even when it's connected to my laptop through the usb.
  3. lol.. no it does not. Did you look up the user manual from Canon, they are fairly easy to navigate, look for a firmaware update while you are there as well.
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