Help! New PC Build, No Video At All - Don't know what to do!

Hi guys, I just finished my first PC build and I can't seem to get any video signals through the motherboard (Gigabyte 78LMT-USB3 (I think) - here it is: or the GPU (PowerColor Radeon 78850). I tried using HDMI and VGA Cables but nothing. My CPU is an AMD FX 6300, RAM is Corsair Value Select 1x8GB 1333 Mhz Card, and I have a Thermalright True Spirit 120M CPU Fan installed.

The PSU is a Corsair 600Watts. My case is a Rosewell Line M Micro ATX case (, this one).

Okay, so everything is set up in my case, I decide to plug it in to test it before closing the case completely by reinstalling the side panels. I turn it on, every fan in the case, gpu, cpu runs well. However, I don't get video signals at all, can't see the BIOS screen; nothing.

I tried moving the ram into another slot but no luck, I fear that maybe my BIOS isn't compatible with my cpu? (maybe it needs an update? though it was supposed to be compatible with it).

I have no idea what to do. I am extremely nervous about it. What do you guys think? Is there anything I could do to find out the problem/fix it. Could my motherboard be faulty or?
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  2. Everything seems to be in order. Perhaps some very small amount of thermal paste got into the motherboard (is this serious?), I'm not sure how much more force is needed to insert the RAM and GPU. I will try resetting the CMOS.

    Also, the Rosewill case didn't come with a speaker I think. Will try to get one to hear if there any codes at all. But so far, I have no idea what it could be really? : (
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