Computer locks up when gaming/browsing HELP?!!!

Hey everyone,

After replacing my Radeon 6450 with a Radeon 7970, my homebuilt desktop is having multiple issues. First, a random coloured screen with vertical lines or just a plain black screen occurs when I am gaming. There is no blue screen and the sound continues but in order to fix the issue, I must manually restart my machine. Second, the USB on my machine fails once in a while and I must disconnect and reconnect the devices in order for it to work again. But the random coloured screen pop ups and needing to restart the machine is really getting on my nerve. I have run tests for all my components except the motherboard and it all passes. I suspect the Power Supply the most as it is a generic 700w but I think the motherboard or the graphics could be the issue as well.
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    It is quite likely that the powersupply is the issue. 7970 requires a lot of umph from the PSU.

    As long as your heatsink on the GPU seems to be properly attached and the fans are spinning properly then it is less likely that your GPU is the problem.

    Also might be a problem with airflow inside your case, which is usually easy to fix by adding fans if you are lacking. But generally that depends on what kind of a case setup you have.

    A Solid 650W psu should help if the other two issues are fine.
    XFX Core Pro 650W is available at about $70, manufactured by Seasonic. A really solid PSU that will easily power all your components.
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