xfx r270x games not responding after a few mins

I just bought a xfx 270x from best buy and I have all the latest drivers from amd I play some games and they will just shut off at random times and I go to task manager and it will say not responding I can hear the game sound sometimes anyone know whats wrong and could help me? thanks
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  1. what is your power supply?
  2. I have a CX750M corsair
  3. it should be able to handle the card and cpu maybe the r270x drivers are not any good yet or something the games run good then all of a sudden it will just go to the desktop maybe im missing other drivers?
  4. try entering safe mode and uninstalling gpu drivers from device manager, then install the drivers
  5. don't know how to get on safe mode on windows 8 ill try uninstalling the drivers then reinstalling though ughh I always have problems with new video cards my last one had coil whine now this... loll
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    quickly keep pressing SHIFT+F8. it must be done before windows startup animation appears
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