Is ROG a waiste of money on maketing or very nice parts ?

I was wondering if I would waste money by building a pc with mostly Rog parts from Asus?

The video cards looks very nice. Wicth one would you pick between the MATRIX-HD7970-P-3GD5 or the MATRIX R9 280X PLATINUM Radeon R9 280X 3GB? Or a regular Asus GTX 770 for 339$ witch is a nice budget ratio card.

I have an Asus Z87-Pro motherboard unopenned but I think I will buy the Formula one witch is 100$ more. Bythe way the Z87-Pro is for sale ...

Is it Worth something to add an ROG Xonar Phoebus sound card to the motherboard or if the Formula motherboard does'nt need any addition of any sound card?
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    Well, ROG products are meant for the enthusiasts, which you may or may not be. To a certain degree ROG is marketing as you can find the same quality in competitors products for less. R9 280X is a beast. The base line is: Just go for ROG products if you are a crazy overclocker.
  2. I'm very interested in this myself. I'll be honest, part of it is just that I think the products look awesome haha.
  3. Yeah you're definitely just paying more for the name. There's almost no difference between that and the Asus Pro.
  4. The R9 280x looks to be back orderer every where. do you have any links to buy it?
  5. in my country u can still buy it :P
  6. where?
  7. Also relatively cheap (20% tax here)
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