FX-6300+GTX 760 VS i7 3770+GTX 660 Superclocked

I'm going to be building a gaming PC soon, a little after Christmas, and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get an FX 6300 and a GTX 760. My friend has an i7 3770 and a Superclocked GTX 660, so I'm wondering if I would get better overall gaming performance than he does with my planned setup. I don't need any suggestions, I already know that the CPU isn't going to bottleneck or anything like that blah blah blah I just want to know if my performance will be better or worse than his setup. Thanks in advance for the help
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  1. your performance in most games will be better. Games benefit from a stronger gpu. your cpu is sufficient.
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    Yes in most games your performance will be better. In a few CPU bound games his might be, but generally the GTX 760 is equal to GTX 670 which is considerably faster than the 660.
  3. In games like starcraft2 skyrim moba games total war games and any CPU intensive games hell get 20-30 fps higher
  4. what about split the difference and get an i5 3xxx or 4xxx, much faster for gaming than an fx 6300, i7's hyperthreading goes to waste on most games. then get a r270x which is pretty close to the 760 performance wise, but should be a little cheaper.
  5. The performance difference from a 660sc to a 760 is barely anything the CPU difference is huge though
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