What's your router of choice?

Trying to get away from the shoddy performance of the zoom 5350 modem/router combo. Have an SB6121 already.

I'm open to loading custom router OSs, so compatibility with those is important, but power and throughput is priority. Also, if I can get NAS in the package I would be in heaven (not sure those exist but it seems logical, doesn't it?
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  1. I'm currently using an AVM Fritz!Box. Lots of features and awesome if you use a DSL connection. You can effectively overclock the phone line :)

    Does have a few annoying lacks though, like no RADIUS support and you have to type in the MAC addresses for assigning static IPs and hostnames.

    Has a built in DNS server, so you can have e.g. instead of remembering an IP address.
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    Using an ASUS N56U (or something like that) paired with a SB6141. I currently pay for 50 Mbps, and I receive anywhere from 60-70.
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