which gpu should i buy gtx 650 2gb ,hd 7770 2gb ,gtx 650ti 1gb,hd 7790 1gb ????

hei guyz i want to buy a new gpu...after some searching these cards seems good for me (gtx 650 2gb ,hd 7770 2gb ,gtx 650ti 1gb,hd 7790 1gb) please suggest me a good gpu between these four and also a brand of that gpu which u suggested ...........i have intel pentium g620 and want to play ac4,ac3,bf4,bf3, like games on 1366×768 res .....thanks in advance
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  1. In order from most powerful to least.
    7790, GTX 650TI, 7770, GTX 650. 7790 is supposed to be the in between of a 7770 and 7850. But if you can afford the GTX 650TI Boost get that instead as its more powerful than the 7790. Also get the 1GB model. at the resolution more than 1GB isnt necessary.
  2. if i buy 7790 which brand should i buy????
  3. Sapphire. They make good AMD cards.
  4. xfx is good????
  5. Best answer
    Life time warranties. Only company to do so with their cards if they ever fail, Good brand from what i know. Yes.
  6. if i play ac4 on high-ultra settings ehat fps should i get??
  7. sorry ehat is what
  8. It should be able to play it on High settings depending on the Resolution of your Monitor.
  9. is ga h61m ds2 mobo is suppport hd7790???
  10. Yes, The light blue slot you see is the PCIE x16 slot. put the video card into that.
  11. xfx hd 7790 1gb with corsair vs450 psu is this good? ??
  12. Good brand PSU good brand GPU. good choices.
  13. sonofspardas said:
    xfx hd 7790 1gb with corsair vs450 psu is this good? ??

    to run this card you need a 550w or higher a 450 isn't going to cut it for this card

    (minimum psu for the 7790 is a 500w but I would give yourself a little headroom)
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