Confused about which Ram to purchase

Hey guys, would really appreciate some help as I'm unsure which is the best compatible Ram for my new computer.

Intel Z87
Dual channel memory architecture
240-pin DDR3 DIMM sockets
PC3-12800 (1600 MHz)

I was going to purchase the Kingston HyperX Red however it's not dual channel and isn't listed as compatible with the Z87 chip.

Their list of compatible chips are all above 1600 MHz, or not in 8gb modules and so I'm just a little lost. I'd prefer Kingston or Corsair as I believe those are the most reputable?

The computer comes loaded with 12gb (8gb + 4gb modules). I wanted to load another 16gb (2x8gb modules)

What would be the best option?

Thanks :)
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  1. As long as you buy ram in sticks of 2, of the same brand, speed, and size, you can dual channel them.

    Corsair and Kingston are good, but Crucial would also work fine, and are usually a little cheaper.

    I'd only stay away from no-name brands, or maybe Team Vulcan.

    I personally would recommend these:

    But if you really want 1600mhz, this would be a good choice:

    Honestly, anything above 1333mhz isn't really going to do anything noticeable for standard stuff. You only need faster RAM if your going to be using very Ram demanding programs (Video editing, possibly?) or if your using an APU, in which case the faster the RAM the better.

    For gaming, surfing the web, etc...1333mhz is fine, and will definitely be fully compatible with your board :)

    EDIT: Ah, re-reading your post, I realize now you have mixed sizes of ram. To make sure you have a Dual channel, you'll need to make sure that the 2 sticks of the same type are in the same colored slots (Reference your manual to find out which 2 slots support dual channel), the non-matching sticks can then go in the other slots.
  2. Can you provide more info - like the make of the mobo and CPU as well as the DRAM you have - is this a prebuilt which may well limit your DRAM options, but regardless, it not a good idea to mix DRAM - your best bet would be to buy a single set of the full amount you want
  3. Thanks for the replies! So does dual channel just mean that it's a package of two? In that case, does that mean that these 2 modules should work?

    I'm a graphic designer, mainly using Photoshop/InDesign/Illustrator and often deal with files that are 100's of MBs so I don't mind paying extra for the 1600MHz if it even helps a little.

    I'd be happy to provide more info. It's a pre-built PC.
    Intel Core i7 4770K (Haswell) 3.5 GHz Quad Core, MS-7826 Motherboard.
    Full specs at:

    And also, just to confirm - should I definitely be removing both of the 2 modules that came with the computer? (8gb + 4gb)? Will it cause issues if I left the other 8gb in? I would love to have 24gb total (comp has a 32gb allowance). But if it'll cause potential issues then I'll just remove as you suggest.

    Thanks again to you both for the assistance.
  4. Could go with either of those sets, would start by just trying them, if all Okay then try adding the other 8 GB stick, and if that will work then try adding the four GB stick - if you need help along the way give me a shout
  5. Thanks, I really appreciate that. That's how I'll do the install to ensure it's compatible.

    Just had one final question, of these 3 which would you recommend?

    I'm leaning towards the Dominator Platinum as $200 seems to be a good deal for those and reviews are great, but not sure if it's unnecessary.
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    Of those the Dominators would be fine - but expensive - if you want better sticks and a lower price look at the GSkill Snipers in 1600/9

    This kit will do anything the Dominators will, except cost you that additional $50 bucks. Would have used one of your sites but I figured since you were open to more than one you might be open to this one. Same Speed, Same CL, Quality brand, $50 less.

    EDIT: That set tradesman just posted is basically the exact same memory I posted just different heat spreader pick the one you like best and use it, will perform the same.
  8. Thanks guys!

    I'll go with one of those then. Never hurts to save some cash!
  9. Yeah, might want to celebrate the new DRAM - and no reason not to since the better priced DRAM can pay for the fun times ;)
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