Gigabyte HD 7950 (3GB) constant display driver!

Hello everyone,

I've tried just about everything I can think of to fix this problem and now I have to reach out. I have a Gigabyte HD 7950 graphics card and since I have started using it, I've had constant display driver crashes. I've tried upgrading my PSU, uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers, have used Driver Sweeper, and have done a format of the computer twice. Nothing is working. It should be noted that when I switch out to an older card to prevent the crashes, the crashes don't happen but I have a LOT of artifacts. The HD 7950 has been tried in several other machines and does not crash on those machines. It should be noted that while playing certain games (League of Legends, for example) the card crashes and then recovers and I can continue playing. While playing other games, however, the card crashes and the entire system is locked up, and a lovely screeching noises comes blaring out of the headset. The only way to recover from this crash is to do a hard reset.

The temperature of the GPU does not go over 55.

I do not have the card overclocked, and had chosen to go without the Catalyst software for right now to see if that helped with the crashes, but it didn't.

I'm out of ideas and am super upset that this card can't run to its potential.

edit: Realized I forgot to mention, the crashes happen most of the time while gaming (World of Warcraft, League of Legends...) but have NOT occurred while playing Mass Effect 3. I have, however, had the computer lock up and make this awful screeching noise through the headphones while on Skype and just sitting on the internet.
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  1. maybe its the PCI lane in the motherboard? Is that motherboard under warranty? The best way would be to test in a friends PC if the Cards work, then youll know if its the card that is the problem (which I thought at first) or if its the motherboard (since its causing the second card to start to mess up too, and probably eventual failure)
  2. or ive heard audio cards or drivers have been known to cause crashes, so try looking into that.
  3. The cards both work in our other desktop; and unfortunately the mobo is past warranty. I was afraid that maybe my motherboard would be the issue, as it seems I've tried just about everything else. :(

    I'll try fiddling with the audio drivers and see if that helps.
  4. well if they work no problem in a different computer, we can assume its the mobo, id upgrade ASAP before the mobo ends up damaging another part.
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