what to upgrade, cpu + mobo or gpu + psu?

hi everyone, I was thinking on buying either r9 270x or a r9 280x along with a corsair cx750w psu for gaming at 1600x900 (1920x1080 in the near future) with very high or ultra settings (1 monitor) games like skyrim, swtor, tera, metro 2033 and future games (I dont play shooters like crysis or bf4 but like games with open world and mmorpgs), and then 4 to 6 months later buying an i5 or maybe an i7 (the "K" ones, example: 2500k or 4770k) the problem is that my cpu is an old one and i think it would hold back a 270x or 280x from its full potential if i upgrade it first that is providing the motherboard even supports a gpu of that caliber, here are its specs:

Core i3 540 3.07Ghz
Intel h57 chipset
8Gb ram
1.5Tb hdd
300w psu
Intel hd3000 graphics

So i thought that maybe instead of buying a powerful gpu now i should get a mobo along with an i5 or i7 first with intel hd 4600 graphics (it would be an upgrade over the hd 3000 nonetheless and the i7 because of the hyperthreading and hoping it would last longer before having to upgrade) and upgrade the gpu finally get rid of integrated graphics

What would be best?

1) gpu + psu then 4 to 6 months later cpu + mobo
2) cpu + mobo then 4 to 6 months gpu + psu

Thanks in advance
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  1. You be better off with a new motherboard and a I 5 4670k and a good cpu cooler first then move upwards on your gpu and so on.
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    Particularly since MMOs tend to have higher CPU requirements than a lot of FPS titles, and lower graphics requirements as well, I think preparing your infrastructure with a CPU+MOBO upgrade makes the most sense.
    You might be satisfied long term with a less-expensive graphics card than an R9 too; a HD7870 or GTX760 should be enough to max your games.
  3. Yep Yep +1 Onus
  4. cpu + mobo it will be then, thanks for your answers :)
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