Can't get my games to work without DirectX 9 and DirectX 11 is not backwards compatible apparently.

I put DirectX 9 into it's own folder because no matter how many times I try to download it it comes up with "already have newer version no need to continue" Rome : Total War ,which I purchased through "Steam", requires 9. But when I launch it it acts like I don't have DirectX at all. How do I get this to work? Where do I put the DirectX 9 file so that steam will access that instead of my 11 file?
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  1. having dx11 should work. as far as i know at least. It should be backwards compatible. i would suggest that you download dx11, start clean. i dont think installing dx9 in a different folder will work.
    i have rome total war and i tried it before and it played fine. im using win7
  2. I'm assuming your video card is directx9 compatible. Try running dxdiag.exe and see what it reports. You can get updates to directx here.
  3. Yes my Graphics card is a GeForce 250 GTS i'm currently running directX11. No matter what i do I cannot get my rome total war to run with the message "need to install DirectX 9."
  4. When I went to the link posted by Hawkeye22 my comp said "determined you are running a newer version so download is unnecessary."
  5. I'm running Win 7 Home Premium. Does that matter at all for this? How do you know if your GPU is DX9 compatible? My card only says I'm running DX11 when I do dxdiag check on it.
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    Your video cards supports up to Directx10. Windows 7 supports up to directx 11, so DX10 is your common denominator. In any case, it should have no problem running DX9 games.

    See if this version works for you.
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