Need Help Configuring Wifi-Repeater - Can't Access The Internet

Anyone has any idea on how do I configure the Wifi Repeater?

I've connected the Wifi-Repeater to the WIFI Network.

Host on Wifi-Repeater is unable to connect to internet

IPV6 & IPV4 shows No Internet Access.

IP For Router -

IP For Wifi-Repeater -
DHCP - Never?
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    Did you configure he repeater for use before trying to connect to it? Why is the router setup as 1.254? It should be the first device, set it as 1.1

    This is the repeater, the ip given was 254 I can't change it, are you saying the repeater will work once the ip of the router is set to the lowest.

    Funny thing is the picture shows wifi repeater connected to main wireless network
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