Can i use another Ram sticks like 1866mhz with my two dual chennal 1600mhz

hey guys i have a quick ques i have g skills ripjaws 1600mhz x2 rams with dual channel mode i want to buy another ram for upgrade can i buy anther same freq. ram or i can use another freq. also like 1866mhz with those rams i have 4 rams slots on my mother borad i have msi z77a-g41

Thank you
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  1. yes dual channel works also with 4 modules. the 1866 will work at 1600 though
  2. laviniuc said:
    yes dual channel works also with 4 modules. the 1866 will work at 1600 though

    so is it worth buy a 1866mhz ram with my i5 3570k i think it will decrese there clock to 1600hz ?!!
    i think it is good to buy another same frq. ram i can save my some bucks also

    one more ques i have g.skills ram can i use corsair or another brand with same freq. rams too ???

    i found that every ram details are says that 1333 MHz (Specified), 1866 MHz (Test) What it mean ??
    Thanks for help
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    best would be to get the same brand model as the existing. so if you can find gskill 1600mhz ram that would be the best case scenario. there's no reason not to get another brand it should work just as well.

    i think it's the ram profiles. they add spec frequency 1333 and test it out all the way to 1866.
  4. so what sould i have to buy 4x2 =8gb two of 4gb
    or 1x8gb ram 1 of 8gb
  5. what do you have now?

    edit: if you have 2x4 get another 2x4 kit same maker same frequency and everything should be fine.
  6. 4 slots for dual channel means that you want multiple sticks in one channel. I would say that having unmatched frequencies, e.g. 1600+1866 is better than 1600+1600. Enjoy.
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