Buying a GTX 780 Ti; Not sure which one to go with

So I'm looking to purchasing a GTX 780 Ti off Newegg, I'm not sure which one I should get. There's a few listed, but the ones I'm looking at are ASUS and EVGA.

The EVGA has better clock speeds, but it obviously costs more. I plan on Overclocking so I'm not sure if it'd matter to go with the better clock speed, any ideas on which I should get?
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  1. Well, people always say that EVGA has a GREAT support on the cards, but ASUS has better cooling than EVGA. There aren't really that much of a difference between those two brands. So it's up to you to decide whether you want better support or better cooling. You can overclock them both, but i'd go with the ASUS, since it has better cooling system, which also gives you the ability to overclock even further, so it doesn't get hot.
  2. Asus is better....Use Asus GPU tweak software to OC

    However u not gng to see a big difference between EVGA and ASUS expect for Price

    go with Asus
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  4. huilun02 said:

  5. i don't see much difference....expect for the Price
  6. gokul36 said:
    i don't see much difference....expect for the Price

    The cards the OP had selected were the reference models. It makes more sense to get a non ref. model as they almost always allow for better cooling.
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