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I'm having problems with my Nvidia Geforce 420 GT and I have looked at so many others with this problem but haven't come across a solution,

when i run MSI afterburner i watch my core clock and shader clock both running at minimum mhz then as soon as i open google or any other program it shoots to maximum clocks
the core clock going to 700mhz and my shader going to 1339mhz both on their limit and was wonder what was causing this

also when i play a game like league of legends or neverwinter they run perfect then randomly the screen goes black at any given time and the game crashes and i get hit with the error message display driver has stopped responding and has recovered,

ive tried setting my power settings to maximum performance instead of adaptive which seemed to work for a few weeks but all of a sudden im getting this error message like 5 times in a row and my screen keeps going black then refreshing into black again till the program im running crashes its super frustrating and i know its not cause of the load on the card i know this is quite a large problem with nvidia cards etc on windows 7 but i cant find a solution to mine

i read something about the cores running at max till the gpu heats up and crashes then it repeats the process over and over my gpu runs at about 42C while idle and about 50C during browsing gaming etc, which hardly lasts since it just crashes anyway hope this makes sense to someone and i can get a solution to this ridiculous problem

Computer specs
Intel i3 2120 cpu 3.30ghz 64bit
8gb ram
geforce 420 gt
windows 7 home premium

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  1. Set your card to run at 700Mhz core clock, 1400Mhz shader clock, and 1800Mhz memory clock. If the problem doesn't go away, I think it's time to get a new card.
  2. huilun02 said:
    Set your card to run at 700Mhz core clock, 1400Mhz shader clock, and 1800Mhz memory clock. If the problem doesn't go away, I think it's time to get a new card.

    the clock settings are already set at that and it idles at about 400mhz core 800mhz shader roughly, when i open up literally anything it hits max clock speed which is pretty hard to believe im sure theres something wrong with the card and its not a performance issue
  3. i have fixed the problem to the crashing i think but its pretty unstable what i did was i reduced the clock speed and shader clock or whatever a little under factory and put the fan speed to 70% instaed of 30% and now it isnt crashing during browsing and playing league of legends but im not too sure about neverwinter, anything i open causes the video card to hit max clock speed for no reason anything at all that isnt video card intensive but it still maxes out, so i reduced to clock speeds so it just sits on max but lower it hasnt fixed the actual problem but prevents the crashing but im still not happy about it cause i shouldnt ahve to do something like this to a gpu to make it not crash, hopefully this helps someone dealing with this bullshit error aswell
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    Strange problem you have there. Only thing I can think of is that your card is dying. Maybe test it on a friend's computer?
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