I7-4770k Sony vegas Pro 12.

Hey guys! So i've got a question. with my new CPU render time has been increased by ALOT!
But i'm wondering can it go any faster? atm it does about 30 frames, then it stops for like a second or two. then another 30 frames, rinse and repeat.

Is this normal behaviour? Or do i have some settings turned off or maybe even wrong.
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  1. check to see if its accessing the hard disk during the pause.
  2. Need more info on your input-output, setup, video properties and rig.

    What's your video card? Did you enable GPU acceleration?
  3. How can i see if its accessing the hard disk at the pause?

    I'm rendering to 1080p(1920x1080) using a GTX 760 and i did enable GPU acceleration i believe.
  4. So yeah.. after each 30 frames it does take a break. any idea why? Doesn't mather if i use GPU Accel. or not
  5. Converting to .wmv, not sure if that has anything to do with it.
  6. I'm fishing over here, but clearly GPU acceleration with the GTX760 is not working.

    In Vegas, you should try for as much consistency as you can stand ... what type of file are you trying to convert to WMV? Theoretically, 1080p AVC to 1080p AVC is a slam-dunk. Taking a video of substandard lineage and dubious format. and trying to format it into 1080p WMV simply is not going to work.

    I also suspect you have somehow 'pooched' your render settings, too.
  7. Rendering 1080P MP4 To WMV

    Do you have any best settings for youtube i suppose? ( Games etc)
  8. I believe Vegas has a YouTube export 'stock setting' -- I'm not sure what the export format and resolution might be ... sorry about that.

    For the fastest/best conversion/output you want to minimize as much as possible the changes to your original file, format, resolution and bit-rate (which you've never said what type of files you are converting).

    1080p AVC-HD or MPEG4 can be 'Blu-Ray' quality, with a file format of *.mts, and it may have a variable bit-rate. Sony wrote the standard! I'm not sure if 1080p is 'officially' a WMV (Windows Media Video) standard but Vegas will allow you to 'upscale' the resolution and bit-rate,

    As a further example ... if your original file is MPG2, your best/fastest option will likely be the 'MainConcept MPG2' output render option.

    Going even further ... in the bottom of the 'project media' window you will see the format of the original file along with its resolution and bit-rate. It is in your best interest (though not always required) to remain as 'true' as possible to the original in your *Project Properties*

    With me so far?
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    Gothcha! :lol:

    Use the 'YouTube' stock export setting, or Sony AVC MP4.

    WMV is simply 'down-grading' from where you are !!
  10. Ahh oke thank you!:D i was told that WMV was actually the best haha, tyvm! Hope this fix my "pause" in rendering and if not, its probably better in the end result! Ty
  11. How's it going?

    Need some help setting up your project properties and output rendering?
  12. If you'd have any good settings those surely are welcome! Atm i'm really having FPS issues with BF4 so i'm trying to resolve those first. Seems like GForce experience is causing these problems, reinstalled it today and gonna check it the problem is fixed tonight.
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