9800GX2 3 beep problem

Helo i have a9800GX2 it worked perfectki until i put the monitor on another pc when i put it on my pc and started it it went beeeep and two short beeps. With black screen and the beeps run every 6-8 sec. What can i do?
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  1. I think there is a loose connection between monitor and GPU. Or the GPU not seated properly. And try to check the RAM stick if they seated properly or not.
  2. I put a 9800GT in its place and it is working perfect as soon as i put the 9800gx2 in its place the beeps come.
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    It looks like something is wrong with 9800GX2 card, in other words its faulty.
  4. How can i fix it any idea will a reflow do?
  5. If the card is really faulty, then I am afraid there is nothing to do on your side.
  6. :D that is just sad i payed 92.06 US Dollar's for it Second Hand. To send it to a full repair will cost more than a new one that can do the same i gues?
  7. Repairing it would not be so wise decision, so dump it. Sorry.
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