i want your opinions for my new build pc.

pc config
fx 6300
amd r9 280x sapphire duel x oc edition
motherboard msi 970a g43
ram corsair 4x2 gb 1330 ddr3
hdd 500 gb hitachi
psu corsair vs550 watt
moniter dell 22 s2240L(1080p)
case antec x1
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  1. Looks fine to me, although the PSU will be close to full load. Consider a 600W or better.
  2. is a corsair vs 650 will be enough??i haven't got any more money for spent.
  3. Agreed, PSUs are pretty cheap right now.

    Otherwise the processor is alright and the gpu is good too, but the prices of the 280x are elevated beyond what they should be right now. A 770 is slightly faster than a 280x so if they are the same price go with the 770.
  4. ok i live in india and here the price of the gtx 770 is $550(35000 rupees) and the 280x prices around $380(23560 rupees).that is the problem we indians have got..:-)
  5. and can be i able to play todays and tomorrows games on ultra high on my 1080p with avg 50-55 fps..
  6. Oh, well nevermind about the prices then. I currently am playing battlefield on a 280x and it runs ultra no problem, I didn't have any FPS monitor up but I didn't notice a change between high and ultra graphics. The 280x will be a great single screen card for a while.
  7. and will the cpu bottleneck 280x on 1080p..or it will be fine..??
  8. and will the cpu bottleneck 280x on 1080p..or it will be fine..??
  9. It's fine. You can overclock the FX 6300 but it's going to run hot without an aftermarket cooler.
  10. Best answer
    No, the 6300 will be fine, especially if you grab an aftermarket cooler, i recommend the coolermaster 212 evo, and OC it. The 6300 is the minimum you want to go with your processor though.
  11. okay thank you for your help..
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