ssd forgetting fingerprint reader data?

I recently installed a Sandisk Extreme II 240 GB SSD in my HP ProBook 4540s laptop and's better than new, almost. The laptop has a fingerprint reader for use in logging into the laptop and to websites. With the old mechanical hard drive it worked flawlessly for almost a year. After installing a fresh copy of Windows 7 Pro and all the latest drivers and software from the HP support site I proceeded to input all the website urls and passwords to access them with the fingerprint reader.
It worked flawlessly for logging into the computer and all the websites.....for about a week! The Password manager still lists all the websites and when I click on any of them the website login page comes up instantly but the Password manager tells me to manually enter the password and swipe my fingerprint.....on all 25 sites! So, I went thru my list of passwords and re-entered all the passwords and then was able to login to all the sites with my fingerprints.....for about 3 days! Then the same problem came up....the fingerprint manager wanted me to enter all the passwords over again...even though all the websites were still listed in Password manager.
So, I uninstalled all the latest HP software and used the software/driver restoration dvd that came with the laptop to install all the HP software (except the motherboard hardware drivers). After entering all the websites and their passwords in the Fingerprint manager it worked flawlessly to access the laptop and all my secure websites.....for about 4 days. Then It began asking me to manually enter the passwords again. I am at a loss on how to figure out what's going wrong. The fresh Windows 7 install and the new SSD are the only things different from when I was having no problems with the fingerprint reader. I used the Windows 7 dvd provided with the new laptop to install the O.'S. and the drivers/software provided on the dvd that came with the laptop and still am having failures with the fingerprint reader. Any suggestions? Other than the fingerprint reader the Windows 7 installation is working beautifully but I'm going to have to go back to the hdd if the fingerprint reader won't work.
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    I give up....I'm going back to the hard drive for the laptop and will use the ssd in older PC that doesn't have a fingerprint reader. I'm guessing that the fingerprint software might not be compatible with Internet Explorer 11.....not sure. I know it causes problems in Windows 8 and IE 10 was redesigned for Win8 and I imagine that IE 11 has a lot of the same code.
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