Should I Sell FX8350+660ti System To Get Intel 3570k+770, or Upgrade GPU to 780 Instead?

Im at a crossroads right now. I have a fx 8350 system with a 660 ti, and I wanted to play BF4 on Ultra at 80 fps. I thought, hey lets try sli with another 660 ti, but that was such a PITA I had to return the card. The micro stuttering, some games no detecting it, not great fps boost, etc. I am now thinking of selling my whole system on Craigslist or Ebay and starting from scratch.
Reasons Why I want to sell:
-Im tired of dealing with the Fx 8350 CPU spikes and inability to use my over clocking to any advantage. I have it at 4.8, and its ok.
-I hate the heat and power this system takes up. Its crazy.
-I want to add another GPU, but I've sunk so much money and hope into this system, i don't even know it'll be worth it. Im considering selling the 660 ti to get a 780.
-Intel Chips may be better. I was thinking getting a 3570k or 3770k.

Reasons to Stay:
-Itll be cheaper
-I can get a better gnu, like a 780.
-I don't want to go through the hassle of selling everything.

What should I do guys? Help please?

My system:
Fx 8350 @ 4.8
Sabertooth R2
EVGA 660 ti
700 w psu
1 64 gb ssd
2 tb hdd
1 120 gb ssd
Windows 8.1
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  1. you should have no problems with that system. I am using 660ti SLI on an old i7 920.

    I would just upgrade to a 780, your cpu is pretty strong.
  2. I would upgrade the GPU, Intel may be a bit better, but not enough to justify getting a much slower GPU and spending more money to do so. The 780 in your system should chew up any intel system with a 770 in it and not by a small margin.
  3. Hmm how much can i expect for the 660 ti?
  4. "guestimate" is $170~200
  5. Supahos said:
    "guestimate" is $170~200

    that's actually pretty accurate.
  6. Best answer
    I did a little research, I'm about to upgrade my gpu and have looked at both new and used. Seems the bottom end 660 TI-s usually go a bit less than $170, the better ones can go over $200 but not by a whole lot and you can't necessarily count on it.
  7. You should be fine with getting a 780, and just get some more/better fans to cope with the heat? You wont really gain much getting the i5 except a bit extra 1-4 thread performance once overclocked.
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