Good cheap low profile gfx card for full HD playback?

Hello there.

I have a pc that has been my media box for a while, and has been great for streaming Netflix etc. However its stuttering on full HD playback.

Its a fairly decent spec PC (Phenom II x2 550 with 6GB ram) but has jsut been using the on board GFX through its hdmi.

Im guessing a gfx card would sort the playback out, so hoped for some recomendations (has to be low profile), hopfully as cheap as possible. Would any old card do?

Thanks a ton.

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  1. For FullHD playback really any dedicated graphics will do, even the lowest end ones. You can find a Radeon HD 5450 for as low as $20-$30 which will be just about right for video playback.
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