Thermaltake chaser mk-i, front panel fan controller along side 2 fans not functioning

Greetings, i have recently completed a build i was working on and i was putting the finishing touches on it when i noticed the front fan and top 200mm fan were not working, i looked every where for another wire for the fan however i could not find it, the only 2 wires that were left were one 1x4 male molex connector and one double sided 1x4 molex connector could those possibly be them, if so what should i do with them, any help would be appreciated
Thank you
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  1. I presume your fans are not plugged in then?

    There should be several fan headers on the motherboard that you can connect the 3pin plugs to.

    Failing that, you can get a molex to fan plug adapter easily enough on ebay etc.
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