Looking for suggestions on good budget case for first build

Hi, I have just ordered all the parts for my first build recently. This is my build:


The problem is the case I am ordering (BitFenix Ghost) appears to be either not in stock or discontinued. I want this case, but I'm afraid I might have to wait a long time for it which I cannot. Can anyone suggest a good budget case to replace it? I would like one with good airflow, cable management and overall just good functionality. Aesthetics isn't that important to me, mostly functionality, though of course I'd prefer it to not look like a trainwreck. My budget for the case is only $100.

Is there a case that can fit my budget? I live in Canada btw. Thank you all.
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  1. The Fractal Design Define R4 is pretty similar in styling, and a very good choice. There is also the Corsair 330R, and Antec P100, all these cases are designed for quiet operation with sound dampening.

    If quiet isn't as important, the Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 is a great choice with high airflow. This would be my choice if you aren't concerned with a very silent PC.
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